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Cusp Cotton Swab(100p)


Antibacterial Disposable Dry Wood Cusp Cotton Swab stick microblading tattoo tools

1)Strong absorbent, environmentally friendly birch sticks

2)strong adsorption of dirt, single-head cotton swabs

3)made of degreased cotton, high temperature treatment

4)clean and hygienic, not vulnerable to use.

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Disposable Cusp Cotton Swab microblading cosmetic tattoo tools(100pcs)

Cusp Cotton SwabDisposable Cusp Cotton Swab microblading tattoo tools


Model No.   MA – 03
Material   Wood Cusp Cotton Swab
Application   Special Used For PMU & Microblading
Color   wood grip+nature cotton
Advantage   Anti-Bacterial
Capacity   100pcs/pack

1)  Anti-bacterial ;

2)  cotton 100% cotton;

3)  Use Wood Cusp Cotton Swab;

4)  Special Used For PMU & Microblading

5) Size:100*2mm

6) Packaging weight:22g


1)  Cosmetic eyeliner line;

2)  Suitable for use make-up Remover;

3)  Brush mascara,Removing eye makeup.

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100pcs Disposable Cusp Cotton Swab microblading tattoo tools

Weight 22 g

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