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10pc 7MM Microbalding Roller for Fast Microbalding Shader

Disposable Microbalding Roller for fast microbalding shader fit for manual pen

This new roller needle are welcome and make big help to people who hard to make shader with other standard needles.

Why we choose to use microblading roller?

1. shader natural and simple.

2. looks granular and lines at the same time.

3. easy to control and finish brows efficient.

4. lesser trauma and hemorrhage , slight pain, rapid recovery.

7MM  Microbalding Roller
Size of wheel:7MM
Usage: brows/lip shader
Needle distance: 0.5mm
Packaging: individual disposable packaging
Sterile:by EO gas
Feature: Finish brow out shape in 10 seconds.
Finish brow shader in 10 minutes

10MM Microbalding Roller(10pc)10MM Microbalding Roller(10pc)

10MM Microbalding Roller(10pc)



Weight 100 g

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